LAT High Performance Break-In Oils


LAT’s High Performance Break-in Oils are blended from hydo-cracked base oils using LAT’s Exclusive LFR additives with high zinc content, and high shear stability polymers. Formulated for the most critical time in your engines life. LAT’s Break in oils provide superior protection for flat tappet cams & lifters, rings, pistons, wrist pin, bearings, and other critical components.high shear stable polmer allows the use of lat break-in oils for extended periods. Available in quarts and 55 gallon drums.


Recommended for Quarter mile drag racing, sport compact, street rod, turbo charged, and off road racing engines.

  • High zinc levels for flat tappet cams & lifters
  • LAT exclusive LFR additive
  • High RPM protection
  • Excellent ring seal
  • Appearance     Amber
  • Viscosity @100c    12.1cSt
  • Viscosity @ 40c     71cSt
  • Zinc wt     2200ppm
  • Viscosity Index   139.00

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