LAT Multi-Purpose Gear Oil


LAT multi-purpose gear oil provides maximum heavy shock load and high carrying protection. Blended from the highest quality of petroleum base oils fortified with VI improvers, rust inhibitors, foam suppressants and LFR extreme pressure additivies. Multi-viscosity protects your gears within a wide range of applications. Exceeds API GL-5 and DOES NOT contain limited slip additives. Available in quart and 55 gallon drums.


Recommended for street performance engines, light duty drag racing, light duty off road racing.

  • Exceeds API GL-5
  • Protects hypoid gears from wear and scuffing
  • Anti-foaming agents
  • Contains rust inhibitors & VI improvers
  • Appearance   Amber
  • Viscosity @100c    20.2cSt
  • Viscosity @ 40c   179cSt

  • Viscosity Index   119.00

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