LAT Semi Synthetic Racing Oils


LAT’s Pro 15W40 Semi Synthetic Racing Oils are formulated for engines running high RPM’s for extended periods of time producing higher heat ranges  Pro 15W40 is a unique blend of group 2 petroleum, group 5 ester base oils and are combined with a highly robust detergent package. LAT exclusive LFR additive, zinc levels over 2,000ppm, and high shear polymer for maximum horsepower and protection. Available in quarts and 55 gallon drums.


Recommended for sport compact racing, street, turbo charged, crate,
marine, alcohol and off road racing engines.

  • LAT exclusive LFR additive
  • High zinc levels
  • Strong Film strength
  • High RPM protection
  • Excellent ring seal

  • Appearance Amber
  • Viscosity @100c  13.88cSt
  • Viscosity @ 40c   102.7cSt
  • Zinc wt   2200ppm
  • Viscosity Index   137.00

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